LUFC pod | Peacopalypse | Main Cast #8

November 04, 2020 00:55:25
LUFC pod | Peacopalypse | Main Cast #8
The Roaring Peacock: Leeds United Podcast
LUFC pod | Peacopalypse | Main Cast #8

Nov 04 2020 | 00:55:25


Show Notes

The Roaring Peacock podcast discusses Leeds United Football Club, 3 average guys, one normal podcast. In a world choc-full of LUFC podcasts, we stand out as being decidedly mediocre.

This week we disuss THE END OF THE WORLD with added messages of positivity to comfort you on the way down as the plane that is 2020 crashes into the ocean, The Roaring Peacock musical: on ice, terrorism in vienna, Gray and Keys... and we also talk about football.

The Roaring Peacock podcast was voted the 675th best Leeds United podcast by a couple of drunk guys at The Duncan. You can follow us on twitter, facebook and on your favourite podcast player, but not on the street, don't follow us there, don't do that.

The Roaring Peacock Main Cast is:

Ross @RossBell1984

Alex @RiotBadger

Adonis @theadelites

Our stats come from @lufcstats and @lufcdata

Our music comes from The Light Show @TheLightShow2

Special Thanks to Adam Elliot, Adam Warner, Barney Stuart, Cookie, Ewan and Howard Metcalf, Josh Pearson, Laura Kenny, Leon and Rob and all our Family and Friends. #LUFC #MOT #LEEDS #LeedsUnited #PremierLeague

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