A Small Thing in the Groin | Main Cast #2

September 23, 2020 01:02:52
A Small Thing in the Groin | Main Cast #2
The Roaring Peacock: Leeds United Podcast
A Small Thing in the Groin | Main Cast #2

Sep 23 2020 | 01:02:52


Show Notes

The Roaring Peacock podcast discusses Leeds United Football Club, 3 average guys, one normal podcast. In a world choc-full of LUFC podcasts, we stand out as being decidedly mediocre.

This week we discuss: Transfers including Diego Llorente, Mephisto and Kevin plus what Bielsa did with his previous translators, Grouse hunting on the Elland Road pitch, Selby Town's unforgiveable sin and Take Us Home S2.

Since the recording of this podcast we have learnt that our new translators name is Andrés Clavijo, we're genuinely actually quite fond of him despite the cover art, likening him to Kevin Mephisto and critising his translations. Some of our horrendously bad humour makes the cut.

The Roaring Peacock podcast was voted the 675th best Leeds United podcast by a couple of drunk guys at The Duncan.

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The Roaring Peacock Match Review podcast is

Ross @RossBell1984
Alex @RiotBadger
Adonis @theadelites

Our stats come from @lufcstats and @lufcdata
Our music comes from The Light Show @TheLightShow2

Special Thanks to

Adam Elliot, Adam Warner, Barney Stuart, Cookie, Ed McIntyre, Eqan and Howard Metcalf, Josh Pearson, Laura Kenny, Leon, Nige and Rob

and our Family and Friends.

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